Vertox Oktablock

Brodifacoum 0.005%
Formulation type: Oktablock

Vertox: A rodent resistant to coagulation is ready for direct use in the form of waxy cubes, which are used under all weather conditions

Vertox : Inhibits the vitamin K-dependent steps in synthesis of clotting factors

Vertox features:

  • leading to the death of rodents without pain after a few days of eating a meal from him and therefore do not be averse by the rest of the flock as everyone is eating it.
  • Spend all kinds of mice and rats.
  • The shape and color of the pesticide is tempting to the rodents so that they taste it, so they eat a lethal dose of it more quickly.
  • Economical as the quantity needed to kill rodents is small compared to other substances.
  • Used to protect plantations and orchards as well as to protect homes and farms from rodent pests.


  • Rats: An average of 1 - 3 cubes is placed in the passage places and the presence of rats and around the bunkers and places where the food of the rats, leave a distance of 10 m between the bait and the other without stirring for 7-10 days and if not observed any movement of rats we change the place of taste for areas where the movement of more For rats, leave a distance of 5 m between the bait and the other in areas where the presence of rats.

In the case of putting it in sewer drains, put 1-10 cubes to ensure that the bait did not go with the sewage.

  • Mice: One cube is placed in rat-infested areas and a distance of 2 m is left between the bait and the other. The mice are curious animals and they love to explore. They send one of them to eat the bait. If they return, they all eat it. This is a trait of rodents, where it works slowly. - 3 days if their place is detected by rats